Password, please?


WOW!  It is hard to believe that we started this website 4.5 years ago!  We’ve had a lot of changes since then.  Glad we have a record of it all!  However, we are now going to be making this website private and password protected.  It was our intention to make this website for family, friends and people we actually know who wanted to stay up to date on our family.  It was never our intention to have random people who “blog stalk” view our website.   :wink:   Or just random people on the interwebs who might have “ulterior motives” view our site. :undecided:

That being said, if you are interested in continuing to view our website and see updates on our family, please leave a comment on this post or feel free to email us at emily (at) (or email another one of our email addresses you might already have) to let us know.  We will send you the password once we get it all worked out.  And if you feel silly asking for the password, please don’t feel silly.  Unless we don’t know you at all, we’d love for you to stay around and see what our little family (including the chickens!) is up to these days.



EDIT:  O.k., folks.  I think I have this worked out.  Posts will now only be viewable by registered users of the blog.  You aren’t registered?  No worries!  Follow these instructions:

  • On the front page of the blog, click the registration link.
  • On the registration page, you have a few options:
    • Enter a username and an email address.  A password will be sent to you.
    • Alternatively, there are three icons on the registration (and login) page.  One each for Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  If you have an account with any of these services, you may click on these icons to register and log in.
Once registered, Emily and I will need to validate your account prior to having access to all the posts.  If you have any questions, chances are you know how to contact us via email/phone/FB.
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